A Whole New Yard

October 1, 2008

Cara the landscaper came by with her crew today.  Dee Dee hired her (thanks again!) to come by and make our front yard look presentable.  Cara had tons of suggestions and we told her to do whatever she wanted.  She pulled up all the boxwoods lining the walkway, removed the abundance of weeds around the driveway and the east and west wings, cut down a bunch of dead tree branches, and even piled up all our yard waste that has been sitting in the backyard.

I am so happy with how the front yard looks – it is like a whole new place.  It seems massive compared to before.  And the house now has much more visibility from the street – it has a lot of character, I want to show it off!


Before Cara the Landscaper...

Before Cara the Landscaper...


and after.  What a difference!

and after. What a difference!



Boxwoods are not match for a chainsaw

Boxwoods are no match for a chainsaw