It was always our dream to build a firepit.  We had a ton of bricks leftover from when the french doors were put in and thought it would be cool to use them for the firepit.  Neither of us had ever laid brick before – we figured it couldn’t be that difficult.

We poured a concrete pad on the ground, which was about 18 inches below the deck floor.  We used concrete block to build the firepit walls up to the deck level.  From that point we used 4″ block for the interior of the firepit and brick for the exterior.

I don’t think we would ever try to lay brick for something structural or taller than a few feet.  But for a firepit that is only a couple feet tall it looks great.

Getting started - you can see the hole in the deck that we built the firepit up and out of.

Miriam is toiling away in the hot sun. It was my job to keep the mortar wet and take photos.

Masonry block is in place. Laying the first course of brick.


The first time we used the firepit. It kept the deck from burning down so I suppose it was a success.