The Deck that Ate Our Yard

May 16, 2010

Building a deck was high on our list of things to do.  The big things we wanted to include were different levels, space for a large table (or two), and a firepit.  We had to go big to fit all that in.  I think the deck will always be a work in progress – a year after we first built it we are still making changes.  We added steps from the lowest level to the yard a few weeks ago and right now are in the process of redoing the railing around the upper level.

The deck is framed with 2×12’s and 2×8’s.  With the exception of the upper level of the deck we did not use any posts – we leveled all our pilings with each other.  From there it was easy to lay our 2×12’s down and start framing.

We used composite decking for the floor.  We went with the Home Depot house brand, Veranda.  It was almost half the price of the Trex.  The downside is that the colors are not as rich.  We did the deck in gray with red trim.  A year later the colors have faded a lot – I’m not sure if this is common to all composite decking or only the cheaper brands.

The beginning - rough framing of Monster Deck

We used over 1,200 linear feet of board and 2,000 joist hanger nails for the frame.

We used red for the edging. Thankfully my uncles provided help screwing in all the planks. Even with four people helping out it still took a few days.

We built a deck bridge out to the gate. Previously there were steps inside the gate that became a muddy mess in the rain.


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