Living Room

May 16, 2010

The living room has been a work in progress for a long, long time.  It started out with wood paneling everywhere.  We eventually decided to paint the paneling from the chair rail down white.  We removed the rest.  We bumped out an area above the fireplace to mount a TV and rebuilt the mantle using pieces of the old crown moulding.

The living room has been one of the biggest projects we have tackled.  The triangles on the upper parts of the walls had to be drywalled, mudded, painted, and trimmed with moulding.

I wired the room for surround sound.  All the wires to the TV are hidden in the walls.  There are coax and HDMI hookups for the cable box, DVD, Stereo, etc on each side of the room.  In hindsight I should have run all the wires to a media closet in another room.  Live and learn.

My Dad and Brad getting ready to destroy some wood paneling

Wood paneling gone, starting the framing of the area for the TV mount

My Mom handled the wallpaper removal in the triangles. no one has fallen off a ladder yet!

Aaaaand the finished product! We had the ceilings painted white to brighten the room. That's me sleeping on the couch - taking a rest after a year of hard work.

Here's one more shot, minus the TV. We've had it in the basement while the hardwood floors were being refinished.


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