Kitchen Backsplash

May 16, 2010

We thought we’d go a little fancy with the backsplash.  Rather than doing something traditional like granite or ceramic tile we went with stainless steel and copper subway tiles.  Copper was used in the kitchen with a stainless steel detail above the stove.  We continued the tiles around the corner, over the breakfast bar, and into the living room.  As the tiles wrap around the corner they switch from copper to stainless steel.  The copper did not look too hot with the purple living room walls.

Cutting the tiles was not something we had give much thought to.  We ended up buying a bandsaw for the project.  The most difficult part was where the tiles wrapped around the outside corners.  I notched a triangle in the top and bottom edges of the tile and cut away some of the backing.  This let me bend the tiles in a fairly straight line.

Since you don’t need grout with the metal tiles there is no way to hide areas where tiles don’t meet up perfectly.  Most of the tiles fit together nice and snug.  Just don’t get too close and you won’t notice the tiles with spaces between them…

Stainless steel squares in the rectangle, copper tiles elsewhere

Looking sharp, eh?

We continued the tile around the corner into the living room


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