Cabinets are Installed!

December 13, 2008

Today Timmy came over and installed our cabinets for us.  He used to do it professionally – we got a top dollar installation job for free.  Not a bad deal at all!  It was an incredible amount of work.  I’d never seen cabinets installed so I had no idea how the process would go.  Each unit was painstakingly leveled using shims underneath and around the edges.  Once the first unit was attached to the walls and floor all the others were made to be perfectly level with it.

On Monday the guys from Masterpiece Granite & Marble (“MGM”) are coming out to take the measurments for the countertops.  We are getting granite countertops.  About two months ago we went to their showroom and put a deposit on two pieces of granite that we liked.  Once MGM has the measurments they’ll make a template and cut our countertops.  They say they can have them installed on Friday!

Watching the master at work

Watching the master at work



One Response to “Cabinets are Installed!”

  1. Donk Says:

    I saw it in person and it looks really good.

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